Phew... calming down... calming.... WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! YAY YAY YAY!

Ok... ok...

So! In every course we build boats. To build those boats we need people to commission them and if you have an idea and are very lucky (LIKE ME!) then you may get to commission a boat that will get built during the course.

When I arrived I wanted to build a smaller version of a Hastings beach boat (have a look at my blog post from my trip to Hastings for some pics, there is also a video:

However... I didn't want to build a boat that was bigger than 16 foot so it wouldn't have worked. After that first meeting my bench buddy and I went to the pub and discussed everything I needed the boat to do/be:

  • 14-16 foot long
  • sit flat on the ground as it would be living in a tidal creek
  • have a centreboard
  • be able to sail
  • be able to take an outboard motor

Taking all this into account we found a beautiful boat called a Swampscott Dory, however the lovely slim little transom is not really big enough to take an outboard. At least that was the advice from the lovely instructors and they suggested I look in to Wherries. So I did. AND... I found  beautiful little boat called the Christmas Wherry. You can read about her by clicking here. She ticks all the boxes and looks like a leaf that has come to rest gently on the water. She is lovely and I am so excited to build her! Here is a photo of a Christmas Wherry called Annie Bee:

Sourced from

Sourced from

I AM SO EXCITED! Here is a special Vlog to celebrate!

In other news... this weekend we went tool shopping and then I went to the antiques place on the beach front in Lyme Regis and found a lovely little Stanley block plane. I took him back to the academy and reground his blade (there was a little chip), then I sharpened the blade and put him back together and he works wonderfully! I finally have a block pane that I can call friend. Because of my new bestest bud I finally finished both my plain scarf and hooked scarf joints and began the week totally up to date! Huzzah! Here are some photos of the scarfs as well as my lovely old/new block plane. There is also a photo of my smiling lunch and some military helicopters which flew really low over the beach whilst we were sat outside at tea time. It has been a pretty amazing day really! Here is the video to sum it all up!

Oh, we also learned how to use routers and band saws and have started making a chopping board. WHAT A DAY!