Month no.1 is all done! How very fast... vlog no. 6!

Well that month went very quickly!

What have we been up to this week at the Boat Building Academy? Well, we did some technical drawing, learned how to use routers and band saws in the small machine workshop as well as learning how to use the really big machines too! It’s all been rather exciting really! We used the router to make a tongue and groove and loose tongue joint in order to make a lovely little chopping board. I am also working on completing a beveled dovetail (a-woo-oo!) which means that there are lots of angles involved and I had to draw a complicated to scale drawing (a rod) with all the angles on it. It is a lot of fun actually! I just love how everything is so logical once you sit down and think about all the bits involved and just take things step by step.

The Boat Commissioner

The Boat Commissioner

We have also finalised all the boats we will be building. As well as my 15 foot Christmas Wherry in modern clinker we are building a 14 foot traditional clinker boat, an 11 foot cold molded dinghy, a strip plank, bright finished canoe and we are repairing a lovely old traditional clinker boat too. I seem to have ended up commissioning the biggest boat, which is somewhat of a surprise as there seems to usually be at least one boat commissioned that is about 18-20 foot. But I’m not complaining! I think that making a range of smaller boats is a good idea as this means that we should (hopefully) have enough time to finish everything and do it to a really good standard and take our time to properly learn everything. At least that is the plan!

Today was really lovely and warm with a blue sky and bright sunshine. It was also Good Friday so Lyme Regis was packed! I haven’t seen it so busy before! After spending a little time in the workshop in the morning I went fossil hunting with one of my cohort and his dog. We walked along Monmouth beach and came to the Ammonite walkway where there are giant ammonites all over this big rock slab that you walk across. It is really amazing! There are huge ammonites everywhere! After almost giving up hope that I would find a smallish one to take home I actually found my very own half ammonite. I am pretty proud of myself for this accomplishment and feel like a proper resident of Lyme Regis now. All in all it has been a pretty exciting week! Here is the vlog for this week so if you fancy seeing my ammonite in all his glory then please have a look! I am also taking name suggestions for him so pop any suggestions in the comments pretty please!

Happy Easter everyone!