Day 4 at the Boat Building Academy!

Hello you lovely people! I am sitting here with the wind whistling at my window, sawdust shavings in my hair and wonderfully achey feet after a day well-spent.

More work on the second joint today, it is a lipped scarf joint (I think...) and I finished it! I even riveted it together which was a lot of fun with the hammer. I also managed to draw first blood, I didn't cut myself or anything I think my finger just got caught between the edge of the wood and the chisel. After lunch I forgot to put a plaster back on it and got a bit of blood on the wood, but it's ok as I just planed it off. Working with wood is great because you can pretty much fix or replace anything, it's a bit like knitting in that regard.

Here is a little gallery with the first and second joints that I have made, the first one is just a scarf joint that was glued together and you can tell which one the second one is as you can see the rivets! Also you can see my plaster.

I think the bench that I work on is being lowered as I am quite short and this becomes a problem when trying to put power behind a saw or a plane. I hope this will help make things a bit easier as I had about half an hour when my bench plane just didn't seem to want to work for me! I was pushing at it and doing everything I had done previously but to no avail, however it was working fine in the hands of the instructors so it was definitely on my side. It's so odd as it was going fine the other day so I have no idea what happened! I think my body and muscles are still getting used to everything so these niggles will happen whilst my muscles are building up and muscle memory is developing. It makes it even more satisfying when it starts working again!

Also, because my bench plane wasn't working too well for me I stayed in the workshop with a few other people after the end of the day and we all planed a whole load of our tools. I spent literally an hour on the grinding wheel sorting out the blade on my bench plane, it was really nice to do after a long day. I also had to spend half an hour earlier in the day grinding the blade in my block plane as it was all uneven (not my fault! It was like that to begin with!) and then it worked beautifully. I really like sharpening my tools, it is quite soothing and a nice wind down at the end of the day. Plus if you sharpen them at the end of the day then they are all ready to go in the morning. In the end having sharp, well maintained tools saves so much time and effort in the long run so it is really worthwhile, not to mention incredibly satisfying!

So, that was day 4!