Weekend at the Boat Building Academy!

What a busy weekend! I am pretty exhausted and have just got back from a few hours in the workshop with my bench buddy. We both decided to spend some time in the workshop over the weekend and do a bit more work on our plain scarf joints. Mine went pretty well to begin with but it is a bit tricky as you are working on a lot of different sides that need to meet together. It's getting there but I have taken a bit too much off of some bits so it doesn't sit quite flat at the edges anymore... We'll see what can be done about that in the morning! The thing with wood is that everything is fixable and getting the muscle memory going is a good strategy for getting faster and more accurate. I forgot to take photos of it as it is now but the photo here is of the plain scarf joint as it was on Friday! That is my tool box in the background!

So! The weekend!

It was pretty busy with boat research, sitting in the sunshine at the pub and having a pub lunch and a lovely walk along the river side in the middle of Lyme with my bench buddy. AND THAT WAS JUST SATURDAY! Yesterday, in the evening, we also had a bonfire down on the beach next to the Academy. We all sat round the fire and wiggled our toes into the bonfire warmed sand, trying to tell ghost stories and strumming a guitar. The stars were out and shining brightly. It was just so beautiful. Today I went for a walk with a few friends up the footpath behind the Academy, it was a bit muddy but there were Robins flying about and such a beautiful view. The sky was very dramatic but there was not much wind and it was really calm. I could sit for hours watching the sea. After that me and my bench buddy headed to the workshop and got going on some more practice. It is incredibly addictive trying to get a fit just right. As I said before, I think I went a little far with the planing and chiselling (chiselling is really fun!) so I may have to sort it out a bit tomorrow but I definitely have learned a lot in the process and that is what it is all about.

That's what's great about being here, you are encouraged to try and the instructors are positive about this and trust you to learn through doing. They want you to make mistakes so you can learn something from them and learn how not to make them in the future. It is exactly the way I have always thought a learning environment should feel: supportive and proactive.

Our instructor said something that sums up a lot of this, I can't remember the exact wording and I think this is a well known phrase (but it was the first time I had heard it), it was something like:

Amateurs practice until they can do it right, professionals practice until they can’t do it wrong, a Master never stops practicing.