LoftFest 2016 continues!

More lofting!

Well, this week was more of the same as last week really! Hurrah! Lofting is super fun so that was fine with me! We kinda finished drawing the lines of the Wherry last week so this week we were adding elements of the fit out to the lofting as well as making templates.

We made all the templates for the moulds that will be used to build the Wherry by taking nails and laying them on their side with the nail head following the lines on the lofting that could be found on the body plan. Then we took a hammer and hammered the edge of the nail so that the edge on the lofting got bedded into the lofting MDF, then we took another piece of white painted MDF, laid it on top of the nails and hit the back of the board with a mallet. This meant that the impressions of the nail heads that were laid out and hammered in to the lofting were transferred to the piece of MDF laid on top. Then we could put a line against those points and cut out a template for the moulds that will be used to make the Wherry. In this way we took the moulds for each station (the width of the boat at 6 intervals down the length of the boat) and the transom. It was a real simple but very effective technique. It was the first time I had really been able to see how wide she will be and get a proper picture of her physical size. It is amazing to take all those lines we drew on the lofting and transfer them from a 2D space into 3D moulds. She is a lovely, curvy girl and every step brings us one step closer to meeting her! Awesome sauce.

Templates for things such as the rudder, centerboard and knees all needed to be made too and seeing as we had changed the design slightly at the stern of the boat we also needed to change the rudder design a little bit so that it worked. The thwart rail and centerboard casing needed to be drawn onto the lofting as well. So it was a lot of little jobs this week really.

We also made a plan for the whole boat building process for the Wherry. My bench buddy and I sat down and built her in our minds, right from setting up the moulds on day 1 to planking her hull, through to the coats of paint and varnish that need applying. By the end of it we really felt like there was nothing that we don't know about her! We also made some decisions about her finish and her final appearance... she will be Christmassy, but that is all I will say for now!

One super exciting thing this week was... WE GOT OUR WORK BENCH BACK! YAY YAY YAY! It is so nice to have our shorty work bench back! I am pretty short so our lovely instructors lowered her so that my bench buddy and I (she is not super short so I am very grateful to her for putting up with the shorter bench! It was pretty tall before tho...) can use our tools properly and with power behind them. Seeing our work bench (she is definitely a she) there waiting for us after we removed someone's lofting from her felt like coming home. It has been really lovely to use a plane again, well, any tool really! Don't get me wrong, doing lofting has been all the awesome but I am so ready for some tool work now! It also felt really weird when we took our lofting up and laid it to the side of the room... all the templates taken from the lines we drew together over that super fun, super intense week. Glorious!

On Wednesday we went to an amazing talk given by BBA Alumni Gail McGarva, she is now an amazing and inspirational traditional boat builder who still lives and works locally. She built all the gigs for the Lyme Regis gig club and is embarking on a new project called 'The Story Boat'. You can read about the talk we went to and a bit about her new project (I can't find anything else online at the mo!) by clicking here. She is so lovely and positive and is just amazing! Seeing her story on the website for the BBA was one of the (many) things that made me feel like this was the right place for me to be. It was really interesting because she had exactly the same experience on her first visit to the BBA as everyone else in our course group who I have asked about this... that feeling of belonging as soon as you enter the door and as if finally, finally, you have found your place.

So it has been really beautiful here this past week so here is a little album of pretty pictures from around Lyme Regis. There was even this crazy cloud that looked like a spaceship! See if you can tell which one I am talking about...

Oh and here is the vlog for this week too!