It's been a while...

Oh my goodness! I started writing this on 15th June and haven't had a moment since! Wonderfully busy times!

It has been a little while and both a lot and not much has happened! Now, that may sound kinda odd but whilst the previous course finished up and launched some of their boats (3 out of 5 ain’t bad) our group spent the time catching up with our unfinished projects and City and Guild assessment pieces.

So, although time passed and things happened there hasn’t been a whole lot of new learning going on. Which has been pretty nice and chilled. It also felt sooooo good to get those City and Guild pieces off my workbench! Woooo yeah!


Launch Day!

Launch day was interesting. It was good to see some of the boats get out on the water and, hopefully, the others will get out there one day soon. Not much else to say really... to be honest it was a stressful few weeks getting there so it was actually really nice for that stress to come to an end. It is weird that the other group have gone now... so quiet... It will take a while to get used to and they will be missed but, man, am I excited to get downstairs and start building the Wherry!

Oh my goodness! I just remembered!

We totally did an almost complete fit-out on a boat! Oh dear... this is why I need to not wait too long between blogs... lol... I even forgot about this when I was making my vlog entry! Woops! That is just what it is like here, you end up doing so many things that it becomes so easy to forget big(ish) things like this. Although... it wasn’t that big a deal really... but it was really fun. What we did was get these two boats down from the little attic space above the workshop and these boats had been decked by the last group. The first job was to destroy and remove that decking. MWA HA HA HAAAA! Time to get the crowbar out! Then we fitted them with deck beams, carlins and even some knees and plywood decking. It was pretty exciting to be doing actual boaty things on actual boats! So yeah, we did that too.

What I found really interesting was when we made a model deck beam and made this dovetail type fitting. There were all these angles that needed to be worked out but it was so satisfying when it fitted and turned out to be one of the best dovetail joints that I have made. It was so odd tho... you put the beam in and then you can lift up the whole thing and it is totally secure. Mechanical fittings. Pretty incredible.


We also totally made some planes, I love that we can make our own tools now!

Oh, and we steamed in oak timbers to the clinker section and made ecking pieces (little bits that fit between the timber and the clinker where there is a big gap) and finished up the riveting. It's a bit beaten up but I'm pretty proud of it as my first ever piece of clinker work. Randomly the programme "Escape to the Country" came and did some filming and my bench buddy took them out in one of the recently launched boats that the last course built here. The presenter took some photos of my clinker section because she thought it looked really nice. I felt proud.

Oh yeah... and then we did painting and finishing week and learned all about varnishing, removing varnish, sanding, painting 2-pack and single pack paints and even worked on sanding down and re-varnishing the little tender "Barnacle" and, hopefully, we may be able to launch her if we get a chance to make her some sole boards...

So, after finishing all the open tasks we started making our own toolboxes based on a traditional apprentice design. How amazing is that?!?!? I chose cherry wood for mine and there was a big knot in the top so I had to make a graving piece and my lovely instructor gave me a little bit of black walnut to make it with so I did! It ended up looking really nice and will be a nice feature of the tool box. It will probably be a while until I finish it as we moved downstairs halfway through... the picture of it being glued up is in the downstairs workshop as we did it just after me moved down... for more about that head over to the next blog post!

Here is the video for... oh dear... about a month ago?!?!?! It really had been crazy!


Yeah, these last few weeks have been quite... intense... I have also been out gig rowing with the fantastic Lyme Regis Gig Club. Really great but I am a bit knackered! Here are some photos of Lyme Regis (again) for you to enjoy. Also there were fireworks on the Cobb for the Queen's birthday.