This week we actually put the first planks on the boat!

These first planks are called the garboards and seeing them on the boat following all those lovely curves is exhilarating. When the plank is off the boat it has this lovely wave to it and then when attached to the boat it looks like a straight plank which make sense as it has to follow all of those lovely curves.

Seriously, the more I see the Wherry come in to being the more I fall in love with her. 

So we ended the week with garboards on the boat and two more planks pretty much ready to go on first thing Monday morning. As the boat is symmetrical it means that we can fit one plank and then draw around it to make the plank for the other side. Again, so logical and brilliant! Boat building is all about the logic.

We also made a stern knee, no that isn't a very serious part of the leg but rather a joint to connect the transom to the keel panel. It is beautiful and made of oak and the combination of oak and black walnut is really quite something.

Mmmhh..... what else to say? The boat building continues with lots of planking next week! Here are some more photos and also the video for this week!