More setting up...

The second week of Wherry building involved more set-up with the building of the centreboard case as well as the shaping of the keel panel. It all took rather longer than expected but I went back in to the project plan and moved everything up so we are working to an accurate plan that follows the reality of what we are doing. Having done that we still have about 10 working days clear at the end of the project so all is still fantastic! Here are some random photos of lovely Lyme Regis for you!

The centreboard case actually took some time to get my head around... it also took 5 separate rounds of glueing with epoxy and having to wait 24 hours to work on it again. This rather lengthened out the process...

The keel panel took a whole heap of shaping with a power plane and then by hand which was a lot of hard grind but seeing it on the moulds for the first time and how it carries the shape of the Wherry through from the keel up to the planking was really exciting.

When all those bits were done we could finally glue the backbone structure in to place and start thinking about getting on with the planking! This first involved lining off, this is when battens are attached to the boat according to calculations that are made to determine how the planks should sit. This varies for the garboards (the first planks on the boat) and also the garboards needed to be raised a bit so that they will look right to the eye and won't appear to dip down at the bow. 

We also started the process of creating the rudder, rudder stock and centreboard so we are winning back time from later on in the build as those were items that were planned to take place later. All in all it is going great and there is a lot of progress every day which is fantastic to see!

Here is the video for this week!