Even more planking!

This week I worked on finishing the final layers of veneers on the cold moulded boat whilst the rest of our group took turns putting planks on the wherry! My bench buddy and I actually managed to fit 20 veneers onto the boat in one day and we finished planking, with the help of others, Guillemot on Thursday. It was really fun to work on a different method and one that is so quick and although simple it does require attention and thought, just like everything else in boat building! It is really satisfying to get 2 veneers to fit perfectly together and I feel like we really managed to master this technique. I did so much stapling that I gave myself quite a few blisters...

In the meantime the guys did a great job putting 4 more planks on the boat. It feels really special to have had so many people work so hard and do such a good job. I am proud of all of them and it has been a lovely process, even if it was really hard to move away from her for a week! We are averaging a plank a day at the moment, originally we thought we would be able to do 2 planks a day so I will have to wrangle the project plan back into place. We still have some spare time at the end of the build so it will all be fine. The thing is that if my bench buddy and I had just carried on then we may have been able to hit the lofty target of fitting 2 planks a day because we had really got to grips with the process, however because of the need for everyone to learn how to do glue clinker this meant that it took a little longer as everyone needed to learn the process and get up to speed with it in order to do the fantastic job that they all did. In the end that is what the BBA is all about so I am very happy with the situation and just really glad that everyone got a chance to take a part in the wherry's planking. It really has been quite a moving thing to see everyone coming together and work on her. It makes her even more special to me as she has been built by me and the wonderful friends that I have made on this course. I couldn't ask for anything more really.

This week the 12 week furniture making course finished and 4 of the nicest people are leaving us and I will really miss them. They worked so hard and produced such exquisite craftsmanship in such a short period of time. It was totally unbelievable! They were always pushing each other in a really lovely way that meant that they all achieved greater things together as a group than I think they would have on their own and that is testament to how lovely they all are as people. They were a really positive force here and it feels like we have lost a big part of our group. Even though they were next door it felt like they were a part of us. It was also life boat week this week which ended with fireworks on the Cobb on Friday so we went out and watched those with the furniture guys and it was a lovely send off. I really love how there is so much happening in Lyme over the summer. Even though it is crazy busy it was lovely to walk through the streets in the warm night air with people just having a lovely time. I feel very lucky to live here.

So back to the wherry! Well... we now only have 6 more planks left to fit until planking is complete and the task of cleaning her up and getting her ready for painting starts. How crazy is that? However, in the meantime next week we are learning how to make oars and spars and we are also visiting Hooke Park on Monday morning in order to see a chainsaw wielding robot build Japanese style structures. My life right now is pretty incredible.

Oh! Also we went to Rame for a lovely regatta! Here are a few photos!

Here is the video!