Planking, planking and more planking!

This week my bench buddy and I got a total of 6 planks on the boat! We got those 2 from last week on on Monday...

and then just carried on and got another 2 on...

... and another two... 6 planks on in one week is pretty impressive!

It has been great to really get to grips with the process and speed up. We have learned the need to really get the spiling batten well clamped on in order to take accurate lines off the previous plank and reduce the time it takes to cut and shape the next plank. We also learned how a good clean up of the Epoxy whilst it is wet really pays dividends when it comes to cleaning up the boat in preparation for fitting the next plank. The clean up process also becomes a bit easier as the planks go on as the first few planks have to be clamped at very frequent intervals in order to follow her lovely curves and this makes it quite difficult to get to the wet Epoxy. There will be quite a lot to clean up and fettle when we are done planking and turn her over!

Next week we are moving off the wherry so the rest of the group can take turns and put some planks on. It feels like a real wrench of my heart to leave her but I trust my group, my instructors and the BBA so there is nothing to fear. It will be really interesting to work with a different building method as we will be working on the final layer of veneers on the cold moulding of Guillemot. Still, I will miss the wherry! Here is this weeks video!

Here are some lovely photos of Lyme Regis.

OH! The red arrows also came to Lyme Regis and THEY WERE AMAZING! When I was little I wanted to be a pilot but, alas, I am too short... needless to say I have always had a soft spot for planes and have always wanted to see the red arrows. A group of us went and sat up in the Jane Austen gardens overlooking Lyme Regis bay and watched the incredible display and I was totally blown away! They even drew a heart in the sky! I took some photos and a few (actually... ahem... 14...) videos of their incredible amazingness!